Friday, July 29, 2011

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology by john Bird
| ISBN 0 7506 5784 7 | PDF | Pages 975 | 6.5 MB|

  • Basic Electrical Engineeing
     Unit Associated With Basic electrical Quantities
     An Introduction to Electric Circuit
     Resistance Variation
     Chemical Effect of Electricity
     Series And Parallel Networks
     Capacitors And Capacitance
     Magnetic Circuits
     Electromagnetic Induction
     Electrical Measuring Instrument and Measurement
     Semi Conductor Diodes
  • Electrical Principle and Technologhy
     D.C Circuit Theory
     Alternating Voltage And Current
     Single Phase Series A.C Circuit
     Single Phase Parallel A.C Circuit
     Operational Amplifiers
     Three Phase System
     D.C Machines
     Three Phase Induction Motors
     A.C Theory
  • Advanced Circuit Theory and Technology
     Revision of complex numbers
     Application of complex numbers to series a. c. circuits
     Application of complex numbers to parallel a. c. 
     Power in a.c. circuits
     A.C. bridges
     Series resonance and Q- factor
     Parallel resonance and Q- factor
     Introduction to network analysis
     esh-current and nodal analysis
     The superposition theorem
     Thevenins and Nortons theorems
     Delta-star and star-delta transformations
     Maximum power transfer theorems and impedance
     Complex Waveforms
     A numerical method of harmonic analysis
     Magnetic materials
     Dielectrics and dielectric loss
     Field theory.
     Filter networks
     Magnetically coupled circuits
     Transmission lines
     Transients and Laplace transforms
     Main formulae for part 3 advanced circuit theory and 

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