Friday, August 26, 2011

Power Electronics Handbook (3rd Edition)

Power Electronics Handbook (3rd Edition)
by  Fraidoon Mazda
| Pages 450 | PDF | 15.6 MB |

  • Power semiconductor devices
  • Thermal design
  • Power semiconductor control components
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Power semiconductor protection
  • Power semiconductor circuits - a resum6
  • Static switches
  • A.C. line control
  • Phase-controlled rectification and inversion
  • Direct a.c. frequency converters
  • Forced commutation techniques
  • D.C. to d.c. converters
  • D.C. link frequency changers
  • Power semiconductor circuit applications
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Telecommunications Demystified

Telecommunications Demystified
by Carl Nassar
| Pages 356 | PDF | 2.8 MB |

  • Introducing Telecommunications
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • A Review of Some Important Math, Stats, and Systems
  • Source Coding and Decoding
  • Getting It from Here to There
  • Channel Coding and Decoding
  • Channel Coding and Decoding
  • Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM)
  • Channel Filtering and Equalizers
  • Estimation and Synchronization
  • Multiple Access Schemes
  • Analog Communications
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Troubleshooting Analog Circuits

Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
by Robert A. Pease
| Pages 234 | PDF | 13.4 MB |

  • First Things First: The Philosophy of Troubleshooting
  • Choosing the Right Equipment
  • Getting Down to the Component Level: Resistors and Inductors
  • Getting Down to the Component Level: Capacitor Problems
  • Preventing Material and Assembly Problems: PC Boards and
  • Connectors, Relays and Switches 
  • Understanding Diodes and Their Problems 
  • Identifying and Avoiding Transistor Problems 
  • Operational Amplifiers-The Supreme Activators 
  • Quashing Spurious Oscillations 
  • The Analog-Digital Boundary: A Never-Never Land
  • Dealing with References and Regulators
  • Roundup of “Floobydust”: Loose Ends That Don’t Fit Elsewhere
  • Letters to Bob 
  • Real Circuits and Real Problems

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ubuntu 11.04

ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux distribution.

Ubuntu is a community developed operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. Whether you use it at home, at school or at work Ubuntu contains all the applications you'll ever need, from word processing and email applications, to web server software and programming tools.

Ubuntu is and always will be free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely nothing.

We issue a new desktop and server release every six months. That means you'll always have the the latest and greatest applications that the open source world has to offer.

Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. You get free security updates for at least 18 months on the desktop and server.

Everything you need on one CD, which provides a complete working environment. Additional software is available online.

The graphical installer enables you to get up and running quickly and easily. A standard installation should take less than 25 minutes.

Once installed your system is immediately ready-to-use. On the desktop you have a full set of productivity, internet, drawing and graphics applications, and games.

· Ubuntu will always be free of charge, including enterprise releases and security updates.
· Ubuntu comes with full commercial support from Canonical and hundreds of companies around the
· Ubuntu includes the very best translations and accessibility infrastructure that the free software
  community has to offer.
· Ubuntu CDs contain only free software applications; we encourage you to use free and open source
  software, improve it and pass it on.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

PC.Tools Performance Toolkit 2011

PC Tools.Performance Toolkit 2011

Tools Performance Toolkit offers easy-to-use tools for speeding up your PC, optimizing performance, and protecting your privacy. It improves your Windows experience regardless of your level of expertise by using advanced technology to boost speed, improve stability, monitor your system, and tune up services. Additionally, it accelerates start times, recovers lost data, and repairs hard drives to keep your computer running like new. See details on next page.

Scan and Recover
Scans and recovers files that were accidentally deleted or lost to corruption.

Registry Cleaner
With PC Tools Performance Toolkit, you can safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows Registry with a few simple mouse clicks. Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes, slow performance and error messages. PC Tools Performance Toolkit uses a high-performance detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows Registry. These problems can occur for many reasons including incorrect or incomplete removal of software, missing or corrupt hardware drivers or orphaned startup programs. With a few easy steps, PC Tools Performance Toolkit will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and list the registry errors found so you can choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair all errors. PC Tools Performance Toolkit will also make a backup of any repairs made to your registry so that you can easily recover any changes if needed. Learn more about the importance of a clean registry with our registry insight.

Privacy Protection
The Privacy Guardian feature of PC Tools Performance Toolkit guarantees your privacy by ensuring that all traces of your online and computer activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC. Information from every website you visit is stored on your computer and recorded in hidden Windows locations including temporary files, cookies, system registry and the index.dat file. Web browsers only provide partial privacy protection by allowing some temporaryinternet files and cookies to be deleted. Privacy Guardian cleans data from all the hidden files and deletes the data securely. It also frees valuable hard drive space and speeds up system performance by cleaning old and unused temporary records. PC Tools Performance Toolkit allows you to simply and securely erase sensitive files from Windows, Microsoft Office, Netscape, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

File Recovery
PC Tools Performance Toolkit’s File Recover allows you to recover critically important documents and other files that have been lost by accidental deletion. These files may be lost by emptying the Recycle Bin or using other deletion actions that bypass the Recycle Bin altogether. When a file is deleted in either manner, the file can no longer be recovered by the Windows Operating System. However, the content of the file still remains on the drive, relatively intact, until the section of the drive it occupies is overwritten by another file. File Recover identifies the contents of these lost files on the hard drive and allows you to recover them. If a file has been partially overwritten, File Recover attempts to reconstruct as much of the file as possible with the remaining contents. This allows you to salvage at least part, if not all, of that recovered file to continue using it as required.

System Optimization
PC Tools Performance Toolkit provides optimization and performance features that allow you to actively monitor system usage, processes, CPU, memory and disk space. TheStartup Manager disables unnecessary programs during Windows start up to speed up boot times. The registry compacting feature analyzes, rebuilds and compacts the Windows Registry by removing registry gaps and corrupt keys to free space, thereby making your PCstartup quicker and with more available memory. The system optimization function applies a set of tweaks and patches directly onto your PC that are designed to improve system performance and usability.

Hard Disk Tools
PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes a disk checker and optimizer that keep your hard drives fast and your data safe. Hard drive defragmenting tools optimize the files on your hard disk for faster access, while the repair tools ensure that your drives are healthy, error-free, and not prone to failure.

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Tera Copy (Latest Version)

Tera Copy (Latest Version)

You want to copy all your important data to a safe place? Worried about that slow copy operation? Don’t worry, use TeraCopy to speed up the process.TeraCopy enables you to copy and move files faster and easier. Unlike the standard Windows copy/move options, TeraCopy can resume broken file transfers, skip and report bad files.
  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
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Smart.PC.Solutions Startup Booster

Smart.PC.Solutions Startup Booster

There is a simple and effective solution - Startup Booster! A lot of programs are loaded into the memory of your PC at startup, which noticeably lowers its performance. Some of the programs are system ones necessary for normal functioning, and the rest of them can be easily removed from the startup list. Startup Booster classifies all of your programs that are executed at startup as system programs, suspicious applications that can be viruses and the programs that are not necessary for startup. It happens very often that the applications that can be executed when needed, form part of the startup list wasting hardware resources after each startup. Startup Booster will help you to remove programs from startup list or to add them there!

Configure Windows to maximum by simple tweaks - we recommend which options are to be activated or disactivated.

Clean up the registry of outdated data or wrong values.

Finally print the instruction on how to configure BIOS and make your PC start maximum fast!


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AVG PC Tuneup 2011

AVG PC Tuneup 2011

Optimize Your Internet Connection
Internet optimizer
Internet optimizer automatically tunes your Internet connection settings to speed up your online life.
Recover Accidentally Deleted Files
 File recovery
AVG PC Tuneup comes fully equipped with a file recovery tool so that you can recover files that have been damaged or accidentally deleted within Windows.
Permanently Delete Files And Wipe Disks 
File shredder and disk wiper
Deleting files or folders removes references to them but doesnt remove the actual data stored within the file. This means that files you think you've deleted can easily be retrieved.
Protect Your Privacy 
Track eraser
Lots of information about your activities is recorded on your PC. Track eraser will help you protect your privacy by removing this personal information from your computer.
Make Your PC More Stable And Free Up Disk Space 
Disk and registry cleaner
Clean up old files, duplicate files and broken registries to get the most out of your PC.
Improve Your Disk Speed 
Disk and windows registry defragmenter
Disc defragmentation optimizes your file system to get the most out of your hard drive. Enjoy a faster hard disk and a more stable and smooth running computer.
Monitor Your Hard Drive Health And Space Usage 
Disk doctor and disk explorer
With these two tools it will be easy for you to keep your data organized and safe from being lost due to hard disk failure.

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PC.Tools.Internet.Security 2011

Keep your PC free from illnesses such as viruses and trojans net can be a immense contracting, with latest malware arriving out all week, sometimes still all the day, it is hard to hold up with entire the security of key-loggers and other Trojans , viruses, bots, adware security, spyware and other crank necessitates much industriousness if not seen all the day.
That's why I like component like PC component Net Security 2011, entire in one Net security answer gives security versus spam, adware, viruses, trojans, bots, spyware and advanced firewall, make it a of the better excerptions you can do to ensure up to 3 PCs with a one licnse.
PC component Net Security gives incorporated security solution that secures you from hackers, cyber criminals, hackers and other attacks by unauthorized software or meshwork, filtering spam and guards the tech that secures against email unsolicited mail, sound updates characteristics gives sponsor updates automatically in the background to protect you.

The Suite is designed for everyone regardless of their level of expertise, it is automatically configured to provide optimum antivirus antispyware and privacy protection with limited interaction, can be installed for immediate and ongoing protection without compromising performance demonstrated the function of confused.

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TuneUp Utilities 2011 (Full Version)

TuneUp Utilities 2011 (Full Version)

  • TuneUp Utilities 2011, is now available for users of Windows 7, XP and Vista (both the 32- and 64-bit versions). 
  • The software is designed to keep PCs running smoothly, extend their lifecycles and provide users with a noticeable boost in speed and performance. 
  • With a number of new tuning features, including TuneUp Program Deactivator, and enhancements of its trusted optimization tools, the intelligent software developer is enabling users to solve performance issues with their operating system and other areas, such as third-party software.
  • Download TuneUp Utilities 2011 with serial number please 
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USB Disk Security (Latest Version)

USB Disk Security (Latest Version)

USB Disk Security provides protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. It delivers high level of protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data, and prevents unauthorized persons from stealing your data. USB Disk Security is the best security software to protect offline computer without the need for signature updates. This light and easy to use solution is compatible with other antivirus software and doesn’t slow down your computer at all.
What’s new in this version: The anti-virus engine was enhanced and the new feature of Data Loss Prevention was added. Data Loss Prevention can deliver high level of protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data.
  • PRICE: Free:
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Windows Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7
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Nero 9 Portable

Nero 9 Ultra Edition Portable 
Features and innovations:

  • Fast and easy rip, burn, autobackup, and copy functions.
  • Backup files to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray.
  • Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated 3D menus.
  • Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ.
  • Convert music, photos and DVDs to play on your iPod ® and other mobile devices.
  • Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube.
  • Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience.
  • Play AVCHD and other HD formats.

The portable this includes:

  • Portable Nero Burning ROM
  • Portable Nero Express
  • Portable Nero DiscSpeed
  • Portable Nero InfoTool

Language: Multilingual

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Programmable Controllers - An Engineer's Guide (3rd ed.)

Programmable Controllers - An Engineer's Guide (3rd ed.)
by Parr, E. A
| PDF | Pages 429 | 19.9 MB |

  • Computers and industrial control
  • Programming techniques 
  • Programming style 
  • Analog signals, closed loop control  and intelligent modules 
  • Distributed systems
  • The man–machine interface
  • Industrial control with conventional computers 
  • Practical aspects
  • Maintenance philosophies
  • Designing for faults 
  • Documentation 
  • Training 
  • Fault-finding aids, EDDI and FIMs 
  • and CE marking 
  • Other programmable devices 
  • Sample ladder logic 

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Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook 
by Douglas Self
| PDF | Pages 427 | 4.6 MB |

  • Introduction and general survey
  • History, architecture and negative feedback 
  • The general principles of power amplifiers 
  • The small signal stages 
  • The output stage I 
  • The output stage II 
  • Compensation, slew-rate, and stability 
  • Power supplies and PSRR 
  • Class-A power amplifiers 
  • Class-G power amplifiers 
  • FET output stages 
  • Thermal compensation and thermal dynamics 
  • Amplifier and loudspeaker protection 
  • Grounding and practical matters 
  • Testing and safety 

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

AutoCAD Civil 3D ( Full Version)

AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a Building Information Modeling solution for civil engineering design and documentation. Civil 3D is designed for civil engineers, drafters, designers, and technicians working on transportation design, land development, and water projects. Stay coordinated and explore design options, analyze project performance, and deliver consistent, higher-quality documentation all within a familiar AutoCAD software environment.

System Requirements

For 32-Bit AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011
  • Windows® 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium (32-bit); Windows Vista® Enterprise (SP1 or SP2, 32-bit); or Windows® XP Professional (SP3, 32-bit).
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or AMD Athlon, 2.0 GHz or faster; or Intel or AMD dual core processor, 2.0 GHz or faster.
  • 1 GB RAM minimum required, 4 GB RAM minimum recommended.
  • 7 GB disk space with 2 GB free after installation.
  • 1,280 x 1,024 true color video display adapter (true color) 128 MB or greater, Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater, Direct3D®-capable workstation-class graphics card. 1,600 x 1,200 or greater recommended. Multiple monitors are supported.
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later.
  • DVD drive.

For 64-Bit AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011
  • Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium (64-bit); Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, Ultimate (SP1 or SP2, 64-bit); or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (SP2, 64-bit).
  • AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, Intel® Xeon with Intel® EM64T support, Intel® Pentium® 4 with Intel EM64T support.
  • 4 GB RAM minimum required, 8 GB RAM minimum recommended. 
  • 7 GB disk space with 2 GB free after installation.
  • 1,280 x 1,024 true color video display adapter (true color) 128 MB or greater, Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater, Direct3D®-capable workstation-class graphics card. 1,600 x 1,200 or greater recommended. Multiple monitors are supported.
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later.
  • DVD drive.

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Nokia E7

GENERAL2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G NetworkHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100
Announced2010, September
StatusAvailable. Released 2011, February
SIZEDimensions123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm, 104.9 cc
Weight176 g
DISPLAYTypeAMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size360 x 640 pixels, 4.0 inches
- QWERTY keyboard
- Nokia ClearBlack display
- Multi-touch input method
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
- Scratch resistant Gorilla glass display
SOUNDAlert typesVibration; MP3, WAV ringtones
3.5mm jackYes, check quality
MEMORYPhonebookPractically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
Call recordsDetailed, max 30 days
Internal16 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM
Card slotNo
EDGEClass 32
3GHSDPA, 10.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 2 Mbps
WLANWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothYes, v3.0 with A2DP
Infrared portNo
USBYes, microUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go support
CAMERAPrimary8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, fixed focus, dual-LED flash,check quality
FeaturesGeo-tagging, face detection
VideoYes, 720p@25fps, video stabilization, check quality
SecondaryYes, VGA
FEATURESOSSymbian^3 OS, upgradable to Symbian Anna OS
CPU680 MHz ARM 11 processor, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU
MessagingSMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
BrowserWAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds
RadioStereo FM radio with RDS
GamesYes + downloadable
ColorsDark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange
GPSYes, with A-GPS support; Ovi Maps 3.0
JavaYes, MIDP 2.1
- Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
- Digital compass
- TV-out (720p video) via HDMI and composite
- Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI
- MP3/WAV/eAAC+/WMA player
- MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
- Voice command/dial
- Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
- Video/photo editor
- Flash Lite 4.0
- Voice memo/dial
- Predictive text input
BATTERYStandard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4D)
Stand-byUp to 432 h (2G) / Up to 480 h (3G)
Talk timeUp to 9 h (2G) / Up to 5 h (3G)